Allan MacKay


I was raised in Sydney Mines! Got the 'radio bug' when I was 9 or 10 (ran around our neighborhood with a tape recorder pretending I was Walter Cronkite). First experience with radio, as a student DJ at Acadia University. First professional experience with radio wa the summer of 1980.

Absolutely love music; personal collection of about 20,000 songs. My musical taste include, Country, Rock, Pop, Easy Listening and I love music trivia questions. Worked on and off over the years as an activist for Disabled Rights.

The most influential person in my life?
Would have to be my mom. She taught me that a lot of things in life are attainable through hard work and dedication. She taught me that "In order to be as good as I wanna be in life I have to be twice as good as everyone else, when you reach that goal you will only discover that you are only have the person you can be!"
Other influences?
Singer/Songwriter, John Fogerty
Elementary School Teacher Mrs. MacPhee
(Some times learning can be disability free)
Wanda Covey, my brother Martin, my sister Yvette

Favorite saying?
"Everyday is a good day, It's just that some days are better than others"
I can't live without?
Music in my life
Favorite Album?
CCR - Cosmo's Factory
Favorite song?
Yellow River by Christie
I worry about?
My favorite food is?
Anything that I did not cook myself!
Parting thought?
I have no musical talent what so ever, but radio brings me close to music and vice versa.

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